Tuesday, December 18, 2018

SLJ Day 2 Activity 1 and 2

Image result for tāne mahuta walkHola Bloggers! It is the second day of the Summer Learning Journey. Today it is about the beautiful New Zealand environment🌳🌲.Tāne Mahuta Walk looks like a lovely place, it looks wonderful. I would love to go there!
It is in the North Island of New Zealand in Waipoua Forest. This is the site I got info from. I would recommend going there.
Do you think you would like to go there? It is 166 m. Tāne Mahuta means "Lord of the Forest". I would love to go there because it looks like a wonderful place.
 Tāne Mahuta is the most tremendous tree known in New Zealand. If you are wondering what the photo is that is the Tāne Mahuta tree. They don't know how old the tree is but they think it is about 1,250 - 2,500!
I hope you enjoyed learning about the Tāne Mahuta tree and learnt something new! Bye! Blog you Later!

Malo e lelei Bloggers it is time for another post! I have been away for a week and now I am back! Today is about New Zealand teams with "Fern" In their title. I have done some research and this is what I have found.

The first one is the wonderful and only Black Ferns! They are a women's team. Also they have won 5 world cups! Wow! I never knew this. Did you? 

The next one is.... The Amazing Silver Ferns! They are a Netball Team. The Silver Ferns have won 4 world cups!

The lucky last is the Fantastic White Ferns! They have won 3 times!

I would like to be in the Silver Ferns because I like to play netball but I do prefer Hockey. What is your favourite sport? That is all from me! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Bye!