Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas animation (not finished)

Hey bloggers I made this Animation with my friend Kirsty and it was really fun and it is not finished yet. I will finish it another time and I hope I get better at it. I have no idea what to do next for the animation but all as I know it is going to be about christmas (obviously)

Friday, December 8, 2017

Creating a new Google logo

Bonjour bloggers, I have been learning to create my own logo. It was really fun and I recreated the Google logo but before you did it you had to watch a video about it first then we had to try to create a new Google logo I thought it was quite hard at first but then I created it and this is my new google logo... if you want to try to create you own logo here is the link Google logo creation
next time I think that I am going to do a theme for the logo  for this one I just did anyone of them I think that is is very amazing my favourite one letter in Google is G because it looks really cool and it stands out. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Reading activities

Hey bloggers, for reading my reading group had an activities in a book and we had to choose a any reading book to read, then we had to choose an activity and try to get four in a row I have not got a four in a row yet. The first  book that I read was called fruit I did two activities on that then the second one I read was called Ice cream, I have only done one activity on the ice cream. I found out... at the 1904 world fair in the USA Ice cream was being sold in dishes next to a man making crisp waffles and he rolled up the crisp flat waffles into cones and filled them up with ice cream- Ice cream cones .

In 1784 in America president Washington liked ice cream so much he bought a cream machine.

In 1846 the invention of an ice cream machine by an american woman Nancy Johnson that meant for ice cream could be made in a shorter time soon more ice cream could be made in a shorter time, soon more ice cream was able to be bought 

This is the poem that I made up... Red fruit, green fruit 
purple fruit, blue fruit
sour, sweet, seedling fruit 
Those are just a few 
Dragon fruit, wait what dragon fruit?!
apple bananas berries, yum! 

Blog you later!

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Hi guys today we did prototec for maths it was fun. I got 95% on stage 6 but yesterday I got 97% but today I only got 1 wrong it was 1000-465 But yesterday I did it in 6 minutes and today I did it in 19 minutes. Here is my certificate....
Bye I hope you enjoyed this blog you later

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How to hold your Cromebook the right way

Hi this is my 3rd blog post today I hope you are enjoying them. I got my friend to do it for me while I take the photo. I hope you enjoy it...
I hope now you know how to hold your chromebook or laptop now if you already know that AWESOME! Blog you later

How to make a quality blog comment

Hi guys today I was on this game that I showed you the link to on my other blog post. This time my one is... how to create a quality blog comment and here is my screenshot of my work.
This is what I did, I did Example 1 2 3. Bye bye blog you later

What to do when you feel uncomfortable on a website

This blog post is about what to do when you feel uncomfortable on a website. This is a game kind of like snakes and ladders but it on a device and it is a site that mark showed us (cyber safety teacher)
At the bottom you have a generator dice and you write the minimum 0 and the max 4. It is really fun, here is the link if you want to try.....