Thursday, November 2, 2017


Hi guys today we did prototec for maths it was fun. I got 95% on stage 6 but yesterday I got 97% but today I only got 1 wrong it was 1000-465 But yesterday I did it in 6 minutes and today I did it in 19 minutes. Here is my certificate....
Bye I hope you enjoyed this blog you later

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How to hold your Cromebook the right way

Hi this is my 3rd blog post today I hope you are enjoying them. I got my friend to do it for me while I take the photo. I hope you enjoy it...
I hope now you know how to hold your chromebook or laptop now if you already know that AWESOME! Blog you later

How to make a quality blog comment

Hi guys today I was on this game that I showed you the link to on my other blog post. This time my one is... how to create a quality blog comment and here is my screenshot of my work.
This is what I did, I did Example 1 2 3. Bye bye blog you later

What to do when you feel uncomfortable on a website

This blog post is about what to do when you feel uncomfortable on a website. This is a game kind of like snakes and ladders but it on a device and it is a site that mark showed us (cyber safety teacher)
At the bottom you have a generator dice and you write the minimum 0 and the max 4. It is really fun, here is the link if you want to try.....  

Monday, September 25, 2017

Student led Conference

I am back with another blog post about our student led Conference for our parents It is not finished yet because I have been away for a wedding for three days. I hoped you enjoyed this slide that all I have for now bye:-)

Friday, September 15, 2017

Hanmer Springs

On This Sunday I am going to Hanmer Springs with my friend keisha it will be her first time, I do not know how much time it will be for me I have been 2-3 times.Here is keisha's Blog
Have you been to hanmer springs? It is fun there is a water slide that is HUGE! We have not gone yet it is on Sunday I hope it is fun.We have to leave at 8am in the morning and I will have to wake up at 6or 7 because I take long to get ready very very long.
Hope you enjoy! What is your favorite thing to do at the pool? Mine is go to the deep part and touch the bottom.
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Scott Tulloch

Kia Ora,
Scott Tulloch came to our school yesterday he did lots of thing he drew a funny looking picture but it was very awesome. I think that he was FUNNY! Have you read some of his books?