Friday, July 7, 2017


Yesterday  Gilberthorpe went to Timbernook!!
It was so fun, we got to do loads of things there was a river that was flowing along the start where you walk in, it was nice time!
Here is my writing about Timbernook!
Here is the google maps of Timbernook if you want to go!,-71.0575214,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x88d9c2a3f065e2b1:0xe7f1669b843c672c!8m2!3d43.2378163!4d-71.0553327 
Yesterday the whole of Gilberthorpe school went to Timbernook! It was AMAZING!! We could do anything we want but you had to be nice about what you did there was clay, making flower crowns , pancakes and hooler hoops it was absolutely FUN! The first thing I did was making a flower crown out of real flowers it turned out to look amazing. We made huts and made things out of clay it was so cool! Also we had a war and there were tribes I was the rainbow one and when we made our hut everyone came and stole all of our things so we had to move, we moved like about 5 times in one day.  After that I played with the clay and made something and I let it to dry and you know what happened……..
It was GONE!! Then after that I could not find keisha I said “Keisha, keisha” I found her in the trees it was funny. But sadly it was time to go back to school but it was a very fun day!
Here are some photos of timbernook!!!

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  1. Hi Emalea, My name is Viliami I am a year Five and Nine years old in Hay Park school.
    I woould like to say are you guys going on camp?I went camp to long bay and I miss camp.Maybe next time you could send us a photo of pancakes.

    1. Hi viliami, no we were not on camp but it was a lot of fun thanks for commenting!


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